Graphic Design

When interacting with a product or website users form a first impression in less than a second. We understand that visuals are the cause of these gut reactions so we create strategic visual designs that generate positive emotions with your audience.

Understanding your branding allows our team to create new designs that align with the look and feel of your brand identity. We also have experience establishing a new brand identity from the ground up as well as rebranding and brand refresh projects.

Typography is one of the most important pieces that we use to create visual language. Seemingly subtle decisions we make with typography design go a long way to evoke the intended mood for your target audience.

Both user interface and marketing icons are key differentiators in the personality of a visual design project. We craft iconography that is designed to work as an integral component of your brand identity.

Interaction Design
Elements such as navigation controls and call to action buttons that your user’s will interface with are designed to communicate how they can be used as well as what to expect when interacting with them. We consider all details and subtle visual cues in order to make the experience of interacting with a design or a product not just usable but delightful.

Illustrations and infographics are a powerful tool for storytelling and a great way to reinforce branding. This imagery is especially effective when the subject matter of a product of service that is complex and difficult to explain with text alone.

Responsive Design
We create experiences that respond based on the screen size users are viewing your content on. This is done by designing layouts that are effective no matter what device they are being viewed on.